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Residual Monthly Income

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 The TrafficWave Freedom Team - Led by David Bresnahan

The Freedom Team are the members of the downlines of David Bresnahan. David was one of the top marketing reps of Network 2000 with over 55,000 in his downline. For over eight years he has been marketing TrafficWave and is the top money earner of that company. David also has many years of experience as a journalist, broadcaster, and public relations consultant. He was an independent insurance agent with an organization of agents working for him. He has also been a consultant to network marketing companies, as well as to alternative health and wellness professinoals and a bio-tech company. He is also an actor. Check him out on IMDb.


"I learned a simple fact that working for a company may offer a great paycheck, but you do not get paid if you stop working. Network marketing and insurance sales taught me the value of a residual monthly income. It gives me the freedom to coach my boys in baseball, be a scout leader, vacation and travel whenever I like, and have plenty of quality family time.


"I prefer automated sales because it requires so little of my time. My web sites make sales for me 24/7 and I get paid from each sale month after month, which gets larger and larger each month. I spent 10 weeks this past summer as the volunteer medic at a Boy Scout camp (I'm an EMT). During that time I responded to requests for help from my downline, but I did not do any real work. However, the checks kept coming and they continued to get bigger. I love residual monthly income, and the more I help my downline increase their income the higher my income becomes," he explained.

The Bresnahan Freedom Team is successful because David personally helps each person he sponsors and teaches each of them to do the same. "I make money when the people I sponsor make money, and they make money when the people they sponsor make money, and so on," he explained.

He also teaches each Freedom Team member how to advertise and promote their business using methods that do not cost anything. 

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David Bresnahan

(801) 804-5386

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Freedom Team Creator

My team and I understand that the only way we make money is to help each person we sponsor to achieve the highest income possible.

We are all partners, so we help the people we sponsor and in our downline in every way possible. I provide my phone number and E-mail address, so contact me any time.

David Bresnahan

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